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Our clients range from studios, producers, directors, independent filmmakers, education facilities to corporations. We also help music supervisors & other licensing colleagues. Here is what our clients are saying about Kathleen Taylor and Muse Music Services:

"I've had the opportunity to work with Kathleen Taylor on four projects, the most recent being an ABC Family show called Greek, where I music-supervised on the first season of the show. Kathleen was very diligent, skilled, & timely on her work on the show, which provided us with the flexibility, speed & accuracy which was needed. I recommend her fully." (Russell Ziecker/Lionsgate)

"Kathleen comes up with creative, cost-effective solutions. I've enjoyed working with her." (Lenny Wohl/General Manager and EVP, Business Affairs of Lionsgate Music & Publishing)

"Kathleen Taylor is a top professional. I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for four years while I was a Lionsgate music employee and she was hired as a music clearance consultant to handle a portion of the music clearance for past and present projects (film, TV, home video, etc). The music division was thrilled with her work: detailed, thorough and done in line with our department's budget. In addition, I would like to add that Kathleen is a person of high integrity and would definitely be a pleasure to work with her in the future." (Diana Beas)

"I am a TV and Movie Director & have known Kathleen Taylor for a long time. I have worked with her often during the last four years. She is hard working, loyal, very professional, an expert at multi-tasking & also extremely creative. She has great taste & is able to satisfy both creative & practical issues simultaneously. She solves problems & provides solutions calmly & very imaginatively. She will rise to any challenge & in my experience with her, she will always win. I look forward to working with her again." (David Carson/Director)

"I can't recommend Kathleen Taylor enough. She turned around my music clearances in record time & was so easy & pleasant to work with. I feel so fortunate to know about her & the services she provides. She has my business from now on!" (Susan Koch/Documentary Filmmaker)

"Back in 2005 Kat was contracted to do clearances on the documentary, "Poncho Sanchez, Keeper of the Flame" and she met the challenge head-on with an efficacious attitude. This was no simple task since there were 40 tracks with a few dating back to the beginnings of recorded music (c. 1928). I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about music and music clearance. She was very pleasant to work with during this process and was able to creatively navigate through problems and find practical solutions. She did a superb job of negotiating licensing fees and successful at keeping the budget in line. Kat has been my go-to person for clearances on all projects since and I expect we'll be working together for years to come!" (Duane Conder/Owner & CEO, ConderMedia Group, Inc).

Kathleen Taylor /Project List/Highlights:

Just A Kiss (Paramount) (clearance)
Good Day Havana) (Cinebargo Films) (clearance)
Devil's Rejects (Lionsgate) (licenses)
Happy Endings (Lionsgate) (licenses)
State Property II (Lionsgate) (licenses)
Undiscovered (Lionsgate) (licenses)
Poncho Sanchez: Keeper Of The Flame (Condor Media/UNM) (clearance/licenses)
Employee Of The Month (Lionsgate) (asst. w/ clearance)
The Lucky Ones (Lionsgate) (asst. w/ clearance)
Bachelor #2 (Lionsgate) (asst. w/ clearance)
The Other City (Koch Films) (clearance/licenses)
The Corner (Mini) (HBO) (clearance)
The Lost Room (Mini) (Lionsgate) (clearance)
Dresden File (Mini) (Lionsgate) (clearance)

Sopranos (HBO) (clearance)
Steve Harvey Show (Winfred Hervey Prod.) (clearance)
Viva Variety (Comedy Central) (Talent/Variety) (clearance)
Destination Stardom (PAX) (Talent/Variety) (clearance)
Your Big Break (Dick Clarke Prod.) (Talent/Variety) (clearance/licenses)
Disney Channel's Summer Jam Concert Series (Disney Channel) (clearance)
HBO Workspace (HBO) (clearance)
Bug Juice (Disney Channel) (clearance)
Tracey Take On (HBO) (clearance)
The Strip (HBO) (clearance)
Weeds (Showtime) (licenses)
Greek (Disney/ABC) (clearance/licenses)
Lovespring (Lionsgate) (licenses)
Dirty Dancing (Lionsgate) (licenses)
Dead Zone, Season 1-5 (Lionsgate) (clearance addt'l rights, licenses)
Makin' It Big (Pilot) (Big & Wild Prod.) (clearance)

Comic Relief 8 (HBO) (clearance)
CMA'S 35TH Anniversary Award Special (Country Music Assoc.) (clearance)
Holidays In Concert (Disney) (clearance)
Billboard Music Awards 1999 (Paul Flattery Prod.) (clearance)
N-Sync Disney Special (Disney) (clearance)

Promos TV/Radio (clearance):

Film Trailers:
Bug (Lionsgate)
Deliver Us From Evil (Lionsgate)
The Lucky Ones (Lionsgate)
Madea Goes To Jail (Lionsgate)
The Spirit (Lionsgate)
Disaster Movie (Lionsgate)
"W" (Lionsgate)
My Best Friend's Girl (Lionsgate)
The Family That Preys (Lionsgate)

Commercials (TV/Radio) (clearance):
Coca Cola
Various local spots

Usher Live (LaFace) (concert) (clearance
Tracy Takes On (HBO) (clearance)
The Simpsons (Fox) (re-clearance)
In Living Color (Fox) (re-clearance)

Religulous (Lionsgate) (clearance)

Mechanical Licensing:
Jimmy Vaughn - Plays Blues, Ballads and Favorites (Shout! Factory)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - A Time And A Place (4 CD) (Shout! Factory)
NPR Discover Songs - Soul Revival (Shout! Factory)

Corporate In-House:
Northrup Grumman (clearance)
Coca-Cola (clearance)
Microsoft (clearance)
Kids Peace (clearance/licenses)

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