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Kathleen Taylor has a wide range of experience working in the Entertainment Industry. Educated in Fine Arts and experienced in Film Acquisition and Film and TV Production, Kathleen started a small film company, before her love of music drew her to work for Universal Music Group in publishing and later at the record label.

Kathleen has consistently worked in Music Licensing for several years. This consistency culminated, five years ago, in the creation of her own company, Muse Music Services, through which she provides her clients with music clearance and licensing services.

Kathleen worked her way through college and, although Fine Arts were her main interest, she was also drawn to Law, which she studied for a period of time. She found that these studies in Law were a real advantage as she pursued her career in the Entertainment Industry.

Before she left college, she took a job in a production company. Junior though her position was, she very soon displayed a natural talent and enthusiasm for many aspects of production. This led her to spend the next few years, after leaving college, working her way up to producing and gaining invaluable experience in many aspects of the entertainment business.

It was at this time that she was invited to partner in the start of a film company. Although the company was short lived, out of it came an offer to work for Universal Music Group in their Film and TV department. Loving music as much as she does, she accepted the job, and music has been a major part of her career ever since.

Kathleen is very passionate, enthusiastic and tireless in her work. Her early legal studies have given her, more and more, the ability to marry legal work and creativity in her career, which she is happy to find, is constantly evolving. However, wherever she is in her career, she is always grateful to her mentors who, she feels, have taught her so well along the way. And she is always ready to take the next exciting step!

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